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    f3 team brainstorming

    F3 collaborates with you and your students to blend our design experience with your vision.

    f3 team member assembling student housing furniture

    Our team assembles and installs ALL of your furniture. We built it…we’re kind of attached to it at this point!

    F3 adheres to industry-leading environmental standards

    We craft your custom furnishings under industry-leading environmental standards.

    f3 team member repairing student housing furniture

    First year “Refresh Service” guarantees that from every desk chair caster to every built-in electrical outlet, everything is working like it did the day students moved in.


    The design process begins with you and your students. We listen and deliver. F3 will organize and meet with your team and student focus groups, at your discretion, to discuss the features and design that really matter. We’ll even bring furniture for students to “test drive.” Our success is based on the simple idea that great input equals great output.

    We can direct the process or follow your lead to suit your needs.


    As an artist, Curt lives to create and understands the organic nature of design. He understands that design is a dance…a collaboration with you.  And with Curt, the music never ends. For decades he has been designing successful collections for leading companies such as Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, and Macy’s.

    The Curt Christian Design Team starts with your client.  First, meeting casually with students to find out how they study, how they sleep, how they live.  Students get to “test-drive” some of his designs, from best sellers to prototypes. But that’s just the warm-up.  Curt works with you to design what your students need and want.  And after your design is complete, the production team crafts your custom furnishings.  Then, from full-service installation to quarterly 1st year assessments, CCD continues the collaboration… you don’t dance alone with Curt. Continued Service options allow you to relax while Curt and his team take the lead with furniture longevity enhancements that protect your investment.


    Curt Christian is an environmental pioneer in the furnishings industry. As a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, Curt is committed to preserving our planet. He works with production centers that excel in eco-friendly production practices. From sustainable wood to green packaging. HOW we do WHAT we do is important.


    F3 utilizes sustainably managed solid bamboo and bamboo veneers. These are rapid renewable woods that perform like hardwoods, yet grow up to 2 feet a day in ideal conditions. They also consume up to 30% more carbon than other trees. F3’s use of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are industry-leading. F3 outperforms CARB requirements for low formaldehyde emissions, and is currently experimenting with VOC-free finishes.


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